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mapguide-react-layout is a map viewer built from the ground up with modern web technologies (React, OpenLayers, TypeScript) to be the definitive map viewer for MapGuide Open Source or Autodesk Infrastructure Map Server

It aims for reasonable compatibility with the existing Web Layout (AJAX Viewer) and Flexible Layout (Fusion) configuration documents that drive the existing AJAX and Fusion map viewers, ensuring an authoring and development experience similar to MapGuide's existing viewer offerings.


  • MapGuide Open Source 3.0 or equivalent version of Autodesk Infrastructure Map Server (and newer versions)
  • A modern web browser. Practically speaking, this means any of the following:
    • Google Chrome (stable channel)
    • Mozilla Firefox (stable channel)
    • Internet Explorer 11. Older versions (intentionally) not supported.
    • Microsoft Edge
    • For mobile devices:
      • iOS: Mobile Safari
      • Android: Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox


mapguide-react-layout could not be possible without the following tools and libraries:

mapguide-react-layout uses icons from the Fugue icons set, by Yusuke Kamiyamane


mapguide-react-layout is licensed under the MIT license.